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I offer psychotherapy, once, twice and three times weekly. I have a special interest in working with childhood trauma and my general preference is to work long term with people, although I can also arrange to work on a shorter term basis.

You may suffer from:
*Difficulties with a sense of isolation and loneliness
*Difficulties with starting, sustaining or ending relationships
*Anger and rage
*Feeling that life has no meaning
*Addictive, compulsive or destructive behaviours

Home. mepictureplainbackgroundPsychotherapy is about exploring and gaining insight into distress from which you would like to gain some level of relief.
*Are you having difficulties with personal relationships?
*Are you recently separated or bereaved?
*Have you no one you can trust to listen to your difficulties?
*Are you feeling trapped, powerless or have low self-confidence?
*Are you turning to food or drink for comfort?

Deciding to go to a therapist can be a difficult step. You may suffer from feelings of stress and anxiety, a lack of self-esteem, feelings of depression, emptiness or loss of sense of self. Seeing a therapist is essentially about being helped to understand and move forward from problems with a trained professional so that you do not have to face your problems alone.

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